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Our Journey So Far:

Since our start up approximately 2 years ago, our aim was to provide a low cost sales call handling service for UK Travel Companies whilst providing the highest level of service possible and generating results which have exceeded expectations for both us and our client. We have been servicing sales calls from UK travellers on behalf of our UK client to various destinations within Europe, mainly consisting of the main beach resorts within the Mediterranean, City Breaks to the top choice cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Venice & Rome along with popular longhaul beach holidays within the Caribbean. In addition to this our staff also very familiar with all parts of India and popular Asian destinations such as Thailand and Malaysia.

Since our inception, our team has grown into a small powerhouse whereby the BigW Team alone accounted for nearly 80% of the revenue and profit with our previous client. They are a young, dynamic and very loyal hard working team, constantly learning and wanting to improve in any way possible to achieve the maximum knowledge and sales whilst delivering excellent customer service to ensure that our high standards are maintained and customer retention continues to grow.

All leads and calls are provided by the client and we have previously been working from leads generated by various advertising platforms and comparison sites such as icelolly.com, holidaydiscountcentre, cheekytrip, secret escapes as well as the clients own internet website. All after sales administration is handled by the client itself in terms of booking amendments, add- ons, supplier payments and invoicing etc.

Our experienced sales team are responsible for turning that initial call into a sale by way of providing the best service possible in terms of customer rapport, information about the offer, possible room and flight upgrades available, in-resort shuttle and private taxi transfers, destination excursions, holiday insurance, car hire and any additional ancillary products that were available through our clients contracts.

Hotel and Destination switch selling played a big part in helping both the team and our client maximise revenue and profit and our team are very comfortable with this method where it is required.

We would use the clients own in house offer system to locate the offers advertised. The booking process would be via the low cost airlines website or tour operator account with accommodation and holiday ancillary products confirmed through a system called TopDog by way of an xml feed. Scheduled flight consolidators along with regular tour operator packages were also used depending upon the enquiry.

All client payments were taken through the reservation system or passed to the clients support office should there be a need for manual payment entry.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

Based in Delhi we offer a very efficient and low cost package to our clients which help enable

companies to achieve the following whilst not compromising on service levels at any time.

• Highly Skilled Experienced staff at very attractive low cost rates.
• Specialized area of expertise and a team of people passionate about all things travel.
• Vast cost savings in infrastructure and personnel.
• Increased profits for everyone through the above cost savings.
• Ability to recruit and up scale the operation quickly, efficiently and at a low cost.
• Ability to offer services 365 days a year 24/7.
• Result driven management and sales team.
• Independently sourced staff incentives to maintain staff morale, team work and the drive to continue to maximise every possible sale.

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing, and working on a commission only basis we understand the need to maximise every opportunity during the peak season and work more smartly during the low season in terms of expected calls, lower spending power by the consumer to ensure that no lead is left untouched.

Hours of Operation: Our office has generally been servicing calls during the hours of 0830 – 2200 UK time during the weekdays and 0900 – 1800 UK time at weekends.

These hours are completely negotiable depending on your individual requirement needs. Commission Structure:

• We work on a basic flat rate commission generated at the time of booking.
• Incentives and commission increases are heavily promoted by our staff if there are certain products or date ranges that you require to be sold.
• Commission Invoices are generated every 14 days and are based on date of booking.
• Payment for these invoices are required within 7 days from the date of invoice.
• A monthly management / supervisory fee is charged every month for the services of daily management and supervisory cover.
• All payments are to be paid in £ sterling and into our £ sterling account for our registered company.

We do not charge anything for local utilities, conveyance for the staff, staff snacks or tea etc. I hope the above is of interest to you and I hope you will appreciate our straight forward and simple operation process which benefits everyone involved.

If you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to discuss any opportunity with you in more detail.

Example of Enquiry / Booking Process:

The customer will be browsing holiday offers on comparison sites such as icelolly.com etc whereby they display millions of offers from many different companies.

Once the customer has seen something they like from the advertisers website, there are contact details for the customer to call and the company name.

Each company is given a unique advertising telephone number which is then transferred to the travel agent concerned. All calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes which is provided by the client we are representing.

The agent will then be given a reference number by the customer which is entered into the clients in-house system whereby we can then view the details the client is looking at. Reference numbers are normally updated twice a day so as agents, we are working with cached data rather than a live price feed.

Generally a nominal margin was in place, however this would vary depending upon call volume, the time of year and the cost of the holiday advertised.

The agent would then give detailed information such as flight times, carrier, hotel information, room type along with optional extras such as Baggage, Resort Transfers, Car Hire etc.

The agent would then try to switch to better flights, upgrade to a different carrier, change room type to a better room such as sea view, add on pre booked seats, excursions, insurance etc. Most inquiries that we received were more often price driven and just trying to extract the best holiday they could from the budget that they are able to spend.

Selling based on hotel information, flight times, facilities, free or discounted upgrades were heavily featured in order to maximize the booking profit.

Once the price was agreed and availability had been confirmed available then booking details such as names, address, contacts, email, card details would be taken.

The booking would then be processed via the airlines website or tour operator account and accommodation etc via the xml feed within the Topdog Reservation system along with payment processed online.

A copy of the booking form and any relevant confirmations were then sent by email to the clients administration team for their reference.


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